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Real Estate Consulting

As a builder/investor ourselves we understand the challenges in putting a residential or commercial development project together and then seeing it through from start to finish on time and on budget.

We can assist you from the procurement of the property to choosing the architect, obtaining the plans, providing information and guidance of local codes and requirements planning the project, selecting the contractor and materials, and numerous other areas.

This is especially advantageous for new investors coming into the Bahamas who are not familiar with our environment or other individuals/companies which want to expand their real estate holdings.

Business Consulting

In addition to Future Properties & Investments providing various real estate expertise and services, our President, Daniel W. Lowe also has a strong background in Business Consulting having worked in three countries including the Bahamas, Bermuda and Canada.

Mr. Lowe is an innovative, versatile, and solutions-driven executive that has built business organizations, delivered revenues and profits despite highly competitive markets.

He is a recognized award winning professional who has managed various corporate and local businesses in the Technology and Retail industries for over 25 years.

Further, Mr. Lowe has a strong local network and understanding of the business environment in the Bahamas. This coupled with his knowledge of doing business in other countries can save companies time, costs and provides invaluable knowledge to new or expanding businesses. All of these factors allows companies to reduce time to market and improve their success rates.

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