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Residency and Immigration

To ensure the maximum benefit to The Bahamas from the National Investment Policy, certain immigration provisions will apply:

Annual or Permanent Residence

Accelerated consideration of applications for annual or permanent residence will be given to major international investors; and fit and proper owners or residence valued at $500,000 or more.

Access to Credit Facilities of the Bahamas Development Bank

The Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) was created to help Bahamians establish new businesses or expanding existing ones through concessionary funding and technical assistance, for projects that generate jobs and which contribute to the economic growth and development of The Bahamas.

Areas Targeted For Overseas Investors

Following is a list of certain investment areas especially targeted for international investors. However, the list is not exhaustive, and investors interested in areas not included should consult BIA. Joint ventures with Bahamian partners are encouraged, with the choice of partner being at the discretion of the investor.

1. Touristic resorts.

2. Upscale condominium, timeshare and second home development.

3. Marinas.

4. Information/data processing.

5. Assembly industries.

6. High-tech services.

7. Ship registration, repair and other ship services.

8. Light manufacturing for export.

9. Agro-Industries.

10. Food Processing.

11. Mariculture.

12. Banking and other financial services.

13. Captive insurance.

14. Aircraft services.

15. Pharmaceutical manufacture.

16. Offshore medical Centers.

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